Of course I’d heard of Falwell’s endorsement of Trump a while back; but I hadn’t seen his reasoning. I had it explained to me yesterday.

With the administration packed with Christians, Liberty University was teetering on the verge of financial collapse, and the Falwells sought out the best ‘numbers’ people without regard to their commitment to  Christ. The University flourished financially as a result. This lesson informed his decision to endorse Mr. Trump.

I’m not the brightest fella, and I certainly haven’t had the privilege of being educated at a Christian University, but a couple of thoughts occur to me:

What an odd dilemma to affirm as a University President. Apparently Liberty University and other Christian institutions of ‘higher learning’ are unable to turn out financial professionals’ that are worthy of hire. According to this educator, ‘Best’ (and let’s be honest; by ‘best’ we mean ‘good’ and ‘competent.’ I doubt Liberty has attracted the ‘best.’) and ‘Christian’ seem to be mutually exclusive. In the end one must choose. Whatever flourishing might mean for Liberty University (and it seems to center around money), its President assumes it to be a failure when it comes to actually educating- at least on a consistent basis. Someone may seek out and hire graduates of Christian Universities, but Liberty isn’t interested. It wants competent employees.

And granting the assumption that Trump is a great businessman… is our nation’s greatest problem really financial? Really? Or are our budgetary woes just a symptom of something else? Are our greatest threats as a people really monetary? That is the concern that ‘trumps’ all others? I guess it depends on what one believes life is about. I certainly recognize the narrative, which Mr Falwell’s diagnosis assumes. It’s the Christian Gospel’s great competitor.  That being the case, I can only think that the homeless Messiah (and his pitiful, destitute and wretched followers) must have the sincere pity of those who share Mr. Falwell’s opinion. It’s a shame Trump wasn’t there to save them.