Bobby Grow posted a wonderful reminder that the Christian God is Father before he is anything else. So much of my past thinking prioritized something else. I worshiped the god that was hiding behind Jesus. Law, not love, was the ultimate reality. How obviously wrong headed that seems to me now.

John Paul the Great was right. The original sin occurred because our first parents doubted the Fatherhood of God.

Torrance’s view of God the Creator was strictly determined by his trinitarian theology so that, in order to understand his explication of the doctrine of creation, it is important to realize that his thinking remains structure by Athanasius’ insight that it is better to “signify God from the Son and call him Father, than to name God from his works alone and call him Unoriginate”. What this means is not only that, following the Council of Nicaea, Athanasius stressed the centrality of the Father/Son relation for understanding God the Father Almighty who is the Creator, but that he wanted to stress that this same relation must have “primacy over the Creator/creature relation. The latter is to be understood in the light of the former and not vice versa”. Or, to put it another way,”while God is always Father he is not always Creator” and “it is as Father that God is Creator, not vice versa”. . . . (Paul D. Molnar, “Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian Of The Trinity,” 73)