You ought to give  God For Us some of your time. Really.

Martin Davis doesn’t post often, but he posts regularly; and so far its been pithy, meaty and uncompromisingly ancient stuff- presented in such a way that we all can grasp it. This is just another way of saying that his efforts are rare and all the more precious for it.

He writes about the inexplicably neglected heart of our faith- Christ and the Trinity. Its been said that if Western Xians woke tomorrow with all vestiges of Trinitarian thought removed, little would change. Mr. Davis shows why this is so tragic.

How I wish that I had fallen into this sort of ancient thought years ago.   Please check him out.

He is currently working through the thought of Thomas Torrance. Really helpful stuff.

My favorite posts are listed Chronologically after the break below. Start at the top and work down.

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